Cool colors


Our decals with cool colors are the solution found by our company to all those objects that do not have the opportunity to be cooked and provide realistic effects to your decor. The decals are perfectly suited to the selected objects from the most complex forms, levereging the flexibility that has always characterized us. On our cool decorations we also have the ability to print collodion peel-off, which after the decoration can be easily removed without residue. With this technique it is possible to customize different tyoes of objects, such as, sports equipment and musical instruments.

Decalcomanie per racchette da tennis personalizzate con nomi e loghi
Decalcomanie da applicare a freddo su chitarre e strumenti musicali per personalizzare con nome e logo
Decalcomania stampata a freddo con decorazioni in oro in rilievo
Dettaglio di vaso con decalcomania in oro applicata a freddo