Precious metals


For your decals we can use all types of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum, which after firing produce high gloss. The use of these materials in addition to decorate fine dishes services is also suitable for forniture and sanitary ceramics tiles objects. The surface on which we recommend applying precious metals are: porcelain, ceramic, bone china, pottery and glass.

A very nice combination and/or alternative to the use of these materials is represented by metallic colors, which provide a very similar perception to the presious metals and ensure, over a cost leadership, a higher resistance in the dishwasher. This alternative is made even more attractive by the possibility of having a more diverse range of colors, ranging from shades of copper, bronze, gold, silver to colors rendered metallized.

Decalcomanie oro e argento metalli preziosi su vetro
Decalcomanie per metalli preziosi da applicare su vassoi e oggetti d'arredo
Decalcomania con ricciolo d'oro da applicare su tazze e tazzine in ceramica o porcellana
Decalcomania in oro e argento da applicare su cornici in legno