Thanks to the screen printing we are able to obtain decals with relief effects that, in addition to adding a three-dimensional perception of the object it increases its value     

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Etch imitation is a complex decoration full of value, which offer an elegant and precious effect to your products.
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Reproduction of your artistic decorations hand painted on any surface up to your choice in a large scale
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For maximize the value of your decals we recommend you use preciuos metalis like gold, silver and platinum.
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Sometimes you will have to decorate objects that can not be cooked: we respond to this demand with a decal with cool colors, which ensures realistic effects to your decors.
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Our graphic department is able to find solution to all your request to narrate the most of your ideas.
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ITC decals are applicable on any ceramic, porcelain and earthenware support, from tableware to crockery, from floors to fancy goods.
With our decals you can also decorate glass, from bottles to glasses, up to fancy goods for home.
ITC decals are perfect for decorating musical instruments, thanks to the special cool application. For years, we realize custom decals for guitars, violins, bass and double bass.
Our decals are applicable on all metal surfaces, from stainless stell to aluminum.
the cool application allows us to create decals to be applied even on surfaces that can not be cooked. Our plastic decals are suitable for household appliances, kitchenware and household items.
From marble to stoneware, our decals can decorate the tiles of every environment with elegance and sophistication.

and so much more!